FACTS about ME

Name: Claudia
Birthday: October, 27 1968
Where do you live: Germany, Leverkusen
Fiance: Micha (54)
Children: Bastian - 24, Tobias -20 and Lea-Yamila - 9 (daughter of Micha)
Job: right now I have no job, because I still fight to much with my depressions
Favorite Food / Animal / Color / Flower / Theme:
Pasta / Owls, Alpacas / Petrol / Wildflowers / everything cute and colorful
Favorite Season / Holiday: everything but Winter / Christmas
Hair: Dark Brown and Gray.... but sometimes dark red
Eyes: dark Brown
Hobbies: Pixeling, Pixel TCG, Knitting, Drawing
Other: I just love sayings, that make me feel good. I have depressions and so my life is not always easy, but I work on it.

You want to know more, feel free to mail me